When it comes to any outdoor activity safety gear is paramount. There are no substitutes for a helmet, pads and common sense; but at dusk, dawn and the hours between there is no better piece of equipment to have than a light for your stroller, bicycle, skateboard, scooter or whatever else you ride. Lighting is the best piece of safety equipment because (like common sense) it has the ability to prevent an incident from ever happening. I would much rather be lit and seen with a light than have my helmet and pads tested by a 2 ton vehicle; wouldn’t you!? If you are like most people that have to get there fun and exercise in before or after work you are out at dawn or dusk when visibility is at its worst. Additionally for yourself and your child if your are jogging with a stroller or have a kid carrier on your bike the hours between dusk and dawn provide sanctuary from the heat of the day and protection from the harmful rays of the sun; this is good, especially for your child.

So, we skate at night, bike at night, scooter at night on the hunt for Pokemon and jog with child at night. We need lights! What makes Third Kind® the must have light? Why are Third Kind® lights endorsed by law enforcement for safety? What makes Third Kind® lights the safest lights for your activity?

Skateboard lights and scooter lights

Third Kind® lights are the safest lights for your activity because of science (and common sense). Let’s start with the easy ones: skateboard boards and scooters. There are very few choices for skateboard lights or scooter lights on the market and what is available are cheap gimmicks not designed to handle the abuses of sporting equipment. They are poorly made so they break easily and most importantly they are dim. A light that is barely visible doesn’t cut the mustard. This is your life we are talking about! You want to be made visible so that you don’t get hit by a truck.  Third Kind® lights are the best skateboard lights, longboard lights and scooter lights for a number reasons, but here are the 2 biggest. First, they are designed with the ride in mind; you don’t have to worry about breaking them and they have no ill affect to the way your equipment performs because of their feather-weight and extremely rugged design (see how tough HERE). Second and most importantly, and why Third Kind® lights are the only light endorsed by law enforcement is because Third Kind® lights are designed with your life in mind and because of this they are by far the brightest. With Third Kind® lights installed on your skateboard or scooter you can be seen from up to a mile away. Being highly visible gives drivers and other pedestrians early warning and plenty of time to maneuver around you and give you as much space as possible. See how bright HERE.

Stroller lights

Why you need Third Kind® lights on your stroller? No one gets safety better than mom, so I don’t need to tell you why you should have lights on your stroller. The issue with stroller lights is that they don’t really exist and what is available are re-purposed bike lights (which I will get to in the next paragraph of why they are insufficient). Just Google “stroller lights” and see for yourself and compare the images to the images of Third Kind® stroller lights. The major differences are the amount of light and the way the light is projected. Third Kind® lights are by far the brightest and are designed to illuminate you and your stroller giving an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian plenty of warning and information to acknowledge you and move over, giving you and your baby as much room as possible. Third Kind® lights are also easily installed in under 10 seconds and can be placed virtually anywhere. Furthermore, they look really cool and will make it easy for loved ones to find you at Disney.

Bicycle Lights

If you value your life (and want to make your bike look cooler) Third Kind® lights are a must have addition to your bicycle. Most states require by law a forward facing white light and a rear facing red light which are better than nothing, but fall way short in providing adequate safety for 2 major reasons. First, having a light facing forward and rear means your sides are left in the dark. I don’t know about you, but I think that could hurt just as much as getting hit anywhere else. Just 1 Third Kind® bike light will make you highly visible from all angles. Second, traditional bike lights project out, toward an oncoming driver’s eyes. This is bad for a number of reasons: 1. It can be an attractive distraction and 2. It provides no information as to what is projecting the light and where the light is. Let’s elaborate on the first one; an attractive distraction. For an example; you are driving down the road and another vehicle comes around a bend with their high beams on; you know you are supposed to look away so they don’t blind you, but you can’t, you look right into them; you are drawn into them just like a bug to a bug lamp. The second reason projecting a light straight out is inefficient is that it provides no information as to what the light is coming from and no reference as to where the light actually is. What is another red or white light in a city filled with them? You do not stand out as a bicyclist; as a human being. Third Kind® bicycle lights are different and make you a human. Third Kind® bike lights project at the area around you, illuminating you as a street lamp would. Third Kind® bike lights do not distract drivers because they are not pointing in their eyes drawing them in closer to you; instead they illuminate you, your bicycle and the area around you. This gives an approaching driver plenty of heads up while approaching you. They can easily see that you are a person on a bicycle and they can clearly see your location as you are illuminating the ground around you; this gives a driver plenty of warning and information to maneuver and give you as much space as possible.

Third Kind® lights are the safest lights for your activity because they are designed with your life in mind. At Third Kind® we take a new approach toward safety; a better approach; one that uses scientific facts and common sense to keep you as safe as possible while enjoying the cool tranquility of an evening or early morning ride.

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