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How many colors and functions come with each unit?

Third Kind® lights include 7 colors and a flash mode; that we like to call party mode.
In order: red, green, blue, white, pink, gold, purple, party mode. Party mode automatically randomly flashes through all colors.

What kind of batteries do Third Kind® lights take?

None! Each Third Kind® light is powered with an internal micro USB rechargeable Li-polymer battery; just like in your cell phone.
Don't worry about it overcharging either; it is equipped with an automatic shut off and will indicate it is fully charged with a green indicator light.

How long do Third Kind® lights last?

Third Kind® lights last up to and more than 10 hours per charge.
On party mode they will last 8-9 hours continuously. On a solid color they will last well beyond 10 hours.

Are Third Kind® lights water proof?

Third Kind® lights are very water-resistant, but no, they are not water proof. They can handle a down pour and large puddles, but you do not want to submerge them.
If your Third Kind® light does get submerged or experiences water damage simply leave it off for 72 hours to give it a chance to dry out. Each unit is equipped with a chip that will detect disturbances like water and automatically shut the battery down; if left to dry completely the unit will be able to resume normal function without damage.

Will Third Kind® lights affect the way my skateboard or longboard performs? Can I still grind?

Third Kind® lights are skater designed to have no ill affect on your ride.
You can do anything as if the lights are not even there. The battery is a high strength, impact-resistant composite. If you are a street or park skater simply add a set of slide rails to protect the LED strip.

Does Third Kind® lights include a warranty?

Yes, Third Kind® lights include a 6 month manufacturer's warranty. The warranty will provide a replacement for a battery and/or light strip that are not working.

For a warranty within the first 30 days a replacement will be sent for no cost to you. After 30 days a $7.50 fee for S&H will be required for U.S. customers; $13.50 for all foreign destinations.
If you experience an issue after the 6 month warranty period please contact us to receive a special discount coupon to order a new product.

*Skateboard/Longboard lights warranty will be void if improperly installed.
**Warranty will not replace a battery or light that are functioning, but may not have all colors working.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Simply shoot an email to thirdkindhelp@gmail.com
Include: the issue you are having, a picture of the unit installed and your mailing address.
A short vid clip showing the issue may also be requested.

Are Third Kind® lights safe to travel with (on a plane)?

Yes. You can carry them on or put them in your checked luggage; they are just like carrying your cell phone.

We Want You To Be A Rider, Not A Statistic. Get lit with Third Kind® today!