My Story

I created Third Kind® with your life in mind.

In 2006 I (Chad Sandiford) lost a dear friend and avid surfer/skater, Matt Gray when he was tragically hit and killed by a car on his way home from a local pub. The driver of the vehicle had no idea he had hit someone until days later when the news started to report it as a hit and run. The driver put himself at the scene at the approximate time of the accident and remembered feeling a bump in the road and came forward to police. The driver never knew he hit someone because Matt was concealed by the veil of night.

This tragedy resonated with me. I wanted to prevent accidental tragedies like this from happening to others. As an avid skater myself, I thought it was crazy that skateboards don’t have lights like bicycles do. I set out to create a powerful light that would easily mount to any skateboard. What I created was a rugged, rechargeable lighting system that could handle the abuses of a skateboard without affecting the performance of a board while producing enough light to make the rider visible up to a mile away.

Upon realizing the success that my skateboard light had in preventing tragedy to skaters I developed Third Kind® to design light systems for any activity to further prevent tragedy anywhere light was needed to make someone visible.

At Third Kind® we aim to make all night activities safer and more fun by offering our meticulously designed and powerfully beautiful lighting systems in various kits for any application. Third Kind®… beyond lighting.

We Want You To Be A Rider, Not A Statistic. Get lit with Third Kind® today!