Our Mission

Be the Light. Share the Light.

At Third Kind® our mission is to spread good by shedding light on dark spots of the world.

We do what we do because we have seen both sides of the light and the dangers and tragedies that come from not being in the light and that is what we want to share. At Third Kind® we want to spread the light to prevent further accidental tragedy and to share the light by helping, funding and promoting other great organizations that are spreading light on dark topics.

How We Give Back and Share the Light

We are partnering with several charitable organizations so that with each item sold the purchaser will be given the option to choose which of our represented charities the portion of their purchase will go to. This will apply to final end consumers all the way through large distributor orders.

Our current charities are:

  • The Matt Gray Memorial Scholarship Fund [this was setup in honor of Chad’s friend that was killed]
  • Grind For Life – Helping people with cancer

We Want You To Be A Rider, Not A Statistic. Get lit with Third Kind® today!