Rechargeable Bicycle and Bike Accessory LED Lights

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Bicycle & Bike Accessory Lights

Third Kind® bicycle lights are the brightest and SAFEST LIGHTS ON THE MARKET!


Third Kind® bicycle lights are the brightest and SAFEST LIGHTS ON THE MARKET! They are designed in the USA to be strong, lightweight and weatherproof. Third Kind® bicycle lights include 7 selectable colors and a flash mode. These bicycle lights are also micro USB rechargeable and even include a 1 meter charge cable.

Third Kind lights are a must have addition to a mandatory front white light and rear red light. These are the safest bicycle lights on the market for multiple reasons. First, traditional bike lights are only visible from the front or rear leaving you in the dark to a vehicle approaching from your side. Secondly, traditional red and white bike lights do not illuminate you, the rider, your bicycle or any of the area around you providing no point of reference of your location to drivers and other pedestrians. This is a problem in well lit cities because your little red and white dots simply blend into all of the other street lights, signs and headlights. Inversely, on darker poorly lit streets your lights become an attractive distraction to a driver drawing their eye (and vehicle) to your lights and you. What makes Third Kind bike lights different? Our lights provide a bright beautiful light that envelops you the rider, your bicycle and the street around you making you highly visible from over 1,000 feet. Also by illuminating you and the area around you you are not blinding oncoming drivers, further impairing their ability to see you. Simply put our lights are aesthetically pleasing and highly visible rather than an annoying distraction to drivers. They are also really cool with 7 colors.

– easy On/Off button

– 7 colors and a flash mode that can be selected by pressing the function button. Colors include red, green, blue, white, pink, gold and purple

– micro USB rechargeable. Lasts 10+ hours on a 2 hour charge. Includes a 1meter charger.

– ultra bright 20″ custom LED strip is visible up to 1 mile.

– 3M tape and 2 velcro straps included for various mounting position options.

– lightweight at only 3.6oz (50% of an Iphone 6)

– compact. 1″x 2.5″x 3″

– extremely impact resistant

– very water-resistant battery (non-submergable but can handle strong water spray and has a built in kill switch to avoid water damage if exposed)

– LED strip is IP65 waterproofed

– CE certified

– endorsed for safety by local law enforcement

Third Kind provides a complete 6 month no-questions-asked warranty on all of our products. Been longer than 6 months? Contact us. We’re willing to extend the warranty on a case by case basis or at least offer you a great deal on a replacement. We want you to remain lit and safe.

If you don’t feel safer… and cooler with your new Third Kind bicycle light simply mail it back within 30 days for a full refund.

We Want You To Be A Rider, Not A Statistic. Get lit with Third Kind® today!