Snowboard and Ski Lights

Dont let your colors fade just because the Sun did. Stay lit and seen on your next night sesh.

Snowboard and Ski Lights

BRAND NEW AND ON SALE NOW!! Be one of the first to light up the mountain!

Third Kind® ski and snowboard lights are the brightest and SAFEST LIGHTS ON THE MARKET! They are designed by fellow riders to be strong, lightweight and weatherproof. Third Kind®snow lights include 7 selectable colors and a flash mode. These snowboard and ski lights are also micro USB rechargeable and even include a 1 meter charge cable. They easily mount to any ski or snowboard. We recommend 2 kits to light up both tips, but one will definitely do the job.





Third Kind® lights are made using a featherweight, military grade case that is bulletproof and weighs just 3.4oz; that’s half the weight of the iPhone you’re holding. Lightweight means it has no affect on your ability to pull off gnar tricks. Our lights are also weather-resistant, so play long, play hard. Third Kind® lights last 10+ hours per charge.

Get lit. Be seen.


– 7 colors and flash mode in every kit. red, green, blue, white, pink, gold and purple

– extremely impact and vibration resistant. Go big

– very water and weather resistant

– ultra lightweight and compact so not to interfere with your shred. Just 3.4 oz

– 20″ LED strip with 3M adhesive can be trimmed or wrapped to fit any board.

– micro USB rechargeable, lasts 10+ hours per charge. Includes 1 meter charge cable.

– extremely bright. Visible up to 1 mile.

Third Kind® provides a complete 6 month no-questions-asked warranty on all of our products. Been longer than 6 months? Contact us. We’re willing to extend the warranty on a case by case basis or at least offer you a great deal on a replacement. We are riders too. We want you to remain lit and safe.

If you don’t feel safer, cooler and get more attention with your new Third Kind® ski and snowboard lights simply mail it back within 30 days for a full refund.

We Want You To Be A Rider, Not A Statistic. Get lit with Third Kind® today!